Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

[knitting] Undisciplined.

As expected, I'm really not good at this sticking to a single project for two weeks thing. It's not entirely my fault, as there's been a lot going on at work and I've been driving and so haven't gotten commuter knitting time in, but also there's just the distraction of other things. Like the Stitches yarn market Saturday. Even though I only bought from two vendors and only 7 skeins total including two pairs of 2 of the same thing, I've really wanted to play with the new yarn. (One skein actually was for the swirl knitting project, but pretty unexciting in itself, inasmuch as Tess can get dull.) And then add to the supply of large wound wheels of mohair that aren't going anywhere. :P Naturally, two of the skeins of Tess mohair are in nearly much the same colorway as I already had in ribbon and Silky Locks (silk/mohair boucle), the two of which I had intended to use together, but the new mohair works better with the ribbon than the one I had, breaking up that set. Not to mention that I got different ribbon in a contrasting color to use with the new mohair and I'm not convinced both ribbons will work simultaneously with it. In the meantime, I need to come up with something else for the Silky Locks. I think it will work with some Tess ribbon and Spritzer (novelty) that I bought with some matching angora but then decided that the angora isn't the right color texture to work with it. But one of the angoras will work with a bit of mohair that Mom gave me (and has more of), if I can figure out a good way for it to do so. It would be nice to have the angora where it could actually be felt on the skin.

It's probably all moot anyway, since I'll never get farther than this on anything. :P And I have about a dozen projects already going that need to be finished up. At least one of the yarns I got was for one of those in-progress things that I've tried about 3 approaches on to solve the lack of yarn to go with it...looks like I'll be unravelling *again*. Well, not that big a deal compared to the prospect of actually getting somewhere. And to think I selected that particular project with simplicity and not having to think much in mind. Ha.

But, the Knitting Olympics thing. Well, technically I didn't commit to an actual garment, just a technique, so I've already fulfilled it. That's a wimpy way out, though. It would be nice to at least have enough swirls for a yoke, after which the body could be knit straight.

These posts would probably be more meaningful with pictures...maybe sometime.
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