Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

For no particular reason, I'm finally getting around to posting this message I saw scrolling by on a Valero gas pump last December:


The exclamation points were actually ones followed by periods. That was the least of the atrocities in that message, though.

In other news, well, there isn't really any other news. I'm putting a dent in my thumb trying to get the bonus level in Fiery Furnace in DKC2 (GBA) and trying to work out a faster route for Super Metroid 100% that's suited to my meager skills. I have a feeling the only way to really figure out the least redundant way to go through would be to open a map in Photoshop or Illustrator and then use successive layers to draw routes to superimpose on it. And trying to figure out the minimal skills I need to acquire... "okay, if I can manage to walljump in that horrible room near Draygon I can put off the grapple beam until after Maridia...oh crud, that means pulling off the frozen enemy glitch to get the spring ball, so if I can't do that I need to do Crocomire right after getting the wave beam, but then I'd have to come back for the missile near the ice beam..." I need a paper map. And to watch about four speedruns, which means about six or eight hours.

Maybe I should think about knitting instead. I've decided to try swirl knitting for the Knitting Olympics that the Yarn Harlot came up with, and produced a cool little practice piece with these yarns I've been waiting at least three years to get to. I dug out two more balls of the mohair I want to use for the body of the sweater and a stitch dictionary, only to find that I'd left the rest of the yarn I've been swatching with at work. Well, I guess I have a week to figure out what I'm doing, and the nature of swirl knitting means that I don't have to plan ahead that precisely, but I have an idea for something cool to work in that will definitely need some planning.
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