Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

*grumble* Bureacracy

Okay, I suppose it isn't that bad. But it's still annoying.

I worked a heck of a lot of overtime last month. 67.5 hours between the 17th and the 31st. (And another 4.5 on Nov 1, but timesheets are monthly.) However, I took Nov 2 off, following the submission this was all for, so I didn't report the 17th and 18th, on which I'd worked 12 hours each for a total of 8 hours of overtime. I also took off about 4.5 hours on Nov 3, covered by the extra hours of Nov 1. So my Oct sheet shows 59.5 extra hours -- Oct 19-31. Only two of those days didn't have extra time: one Sunday I didn't come in, and another I worked just the usual 8. (Actually, it was more like 6, but I covered that with 2 hours elsewhere in the week for convenience.)

And then our payroll person writes and says she has a question, can I drop by? I'm at home sick (the world is kind of spinning around me) but I ask what's up, since I have a scan of my timesheet in my email. She says she's only coming up wtih 51.75 hours. I still don't know what's up with the .75, because I worked an even number of quarter-hours, and said so. But the eight suggested to me that she was counting a weekend day as a weekday and subtracting eight hours for the "normal" part of the day. Maybe she doesn't think people work 17 hours on Sundays.

We get that straightened out, but then she asks how much I worked the first week of November, because she needs this to go forward. Actually, I'd already answered her, but she didn't see it or wanted me to state it more explicitly, I dunno. I told her that I took Nov 2 off but had also not reported my 8 extra hours on 17-18 Oct to cover this. She then says that she can't give me credit for the comp time on Oct 31 (3 hours) because I didn't work 40 hours in that week. Overtime is calculated by the week, Mon-Sun, and the 31st was a Monday. It's phrased as if I were trying to claim more than I did. My explanation that I was counting other hours was apparently unacceptable -- but it wasn't until I asked her to put those 8 hours onto my Oct sheet when I worked them that she acknowledged them. I think if I hadn't said anything I just wouldn't have been paid for those hours. So now I'm to redo the entire timesheet -- which she seems to have forgotten was not generated electronically by me because the department no longer trusts us to do that and was instead provided to us despite being just an Excel printout -- because she can't fill in those hours on the 17th and 18th even though she has no problem removing hours from the 31st.

The stupid thing here is that the changes she's doing will cost the University time and money. Time because this just took an hour and a half and about 20 emails...okay, the first ten were about this arithmetic error, which required me to send her a spreadsheet in which I'd copied my handwritten hours exactly and added them up...not to mention time next month in processing the leave for Nov 2 and my additional time of correcting the timesheet because she can apparently only take time away rather than put it in. Money because while my 3 hours on the 31st are no longer going to be counted as overtime, my 8 hours on the 17th and 18th now will be, so I'll get 5 hours extra at time-and-a-half instead of the normal time they would have been when I was treating them as Nov 2 work. I'm not hugely paid, but still. And were I not home sick today I would point out that I might well have to work overtime in November to make up for the time spent dealing with this instead of my actual job. (Instead, it'll just mean less sick leave today, so it's kind of like being paid in leave.)

Oh, and one more thing. She said she couldn't give me credit for "comp time". I'd already told her, when she asked, that I get overtime, not comp time -- though I didn't bother telling her the reason is because I can arrange comp time informally by just not reporting overtime, as indeed I was doing, as I've done for years with my boss a willing conspirator (in one case, he advised that I count my June overtime as the comp time for some July leave rather than my July overtime because I got a pay increase in July). However, if she ends up listing it as comp time rather than paying me overtime I'll be ticked. Sure, it's an extra week and a half of vacation, which would be useful next year, but I'd rather choose when and take unpaid leave.

I almost envy the academics, who don't get overtime but don't have to go through all this. Then again they also get nearly a full week more of vacation than we staff do, because apparently staff don't work hard enough to need that extra time off. :P
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