Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

I still exist.

I'd almost forgotten I had this journal, even though I occasionally post on other people's LJs (which is the reason I got an account to begin with). And then while reading one of the two knitting blogs/sites I do read fairly regularly,, I was shocked to mouse over a link and see my username in the url. She'd linked to a post I made in January, in which I mentioned an article of hers as provoking the post and (obviously) the thought behind it. And now her finding that post of mine has reminded her to repost the article to which I referred and to finish another post she means to make. So it's gone full circle.

If I were really cool I'd link all these articles and posts above, but I don't think I'm up to it right now and one of them is currently offline anyway.

So, what have I been doing in the months since I last updated?

I finished Wendy's top. I meant to make my inaugural post in advanced_knit about it and even took an intermediate picture, but I never did and still have yet to so much as comment in the group. I'm just not a vey social knitter, I guess. Or at least am insufficiently one to overcome minor impediments like getting pictures online. I don't have a picture of the finished product, either, though if I redo the bottom as I was thinking of it won't matter anyway.

I also (practically) finished my pretty cotton knit top that I designed and knit most of in Hawaii in 2003 only to find that by some error all the waist shaping was about 6 inches too high, i.e., the widest point of my chest. So this past summer I took out a row just above the shaping, knit those six inches, and grafted the thing back together. The length was much more satisfactory, and I had a fair amount of yarn left. I tried it on for a friend and asked her opinion of the length since it was tempting to make it a tunic (a length I'd much rather have, being both shortwaisted and excessively curvy). She opined that two more pattern reps on both bottom and sleeves would be good. I'll save the detail for that potential post at the knit group above, but suffice it to say that this was not as trivial an alteration as it should be considering there's no shapin involved. I'm casting off the second sleeve (and reconsidering my castoff, which may lead to re-casting off the first sleeve) and plan to unpick and redo the castoffs at bottom hem and neck to match. And then I'll have completed a sweater for myself, for the first time.

I still haven't gotten to that last dungeon of FF1. But I did buy and complete the import of Lunar: Dragon Song, though I haven't had time and inclination to get very far in the domestic one. I also played through most of Ocarina of Time so I could watch a speedrun of it, but have to do the final castle, and made some more progress on that Majora's Mask game I started in 2002. I'm stuck at the dungeon I was most looking forward to in the game, though, and the save system is quite a disincentive to play when you don't have lots of time available.

And that's pretty much it for the things I've talked about here in the past. Insane overtime in the past few weeks, some nifty soundtrack purchases and again more games I'll never get to play, thinking of getting back to a beading project I first contemplated at least a year ago and probably more... On that topic, though, I'm currently trying to finish up old projects of mine before starting any completely new ones. A bit laughable, but I'm getting so close with this cotton one, even if I didn't quite make summer.

I also made my sister a really pretty bag sometime in the past year. Someday I might even have a photo of it.

Now that I've been reminded of this, I want to try (for once) to finish at least writing up my other two knit hats. It's of scant interest to anyone but me, but the discipline would be good. The last two might even be publishable, though they'd only easily be executed by someone who likes grafting and dislikes seaming as much as I, which may be no one. I'm thinking of making another, and I may write up directions as I go and then see if someone else can follow the directions. It isn't often I knit something in yarn that's entirely commercially available and replicable. (People beside me DO wear berets, right? I can't seem to handle any other type of hat.)
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