Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

first post!

I got this account solely to reply to entries by users who had disabled anonymous posting, but didn't feel much need to get into the blogging thing myself.  And I still don't, much.  But once in a while I have something to say that doesn't fit into my usual outlets of messageboards, emails, or IMs, and it may as well go here. 

At this time I only know two or three people who are likely to read this regularly and post replies, but in the event that people down the line decide to read my earlier posts, it is not my intent that they "expire".  That is, replies to old posts are probably fine.  I do have a very low tolerance for what I consider inappropriate language and will censor or delete if I feel it is necessary, however.  If I can...I'm still figuring all this stuff out.

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