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Majora's Mask is the only Zelda game (of the mainstream ones, I mean, not the CD-i or Bandai Sattellaview or whatever) that I've neither completed nor watched to completion (the latter applying to Zelda II, which I like but don't really have the skills for, not being much of a platformer). And for a while my reason has been that it makes me too motion sick. When I've said that I've sometimes felt that I haven't been being entirely candid, that there were probably other reasons that were stronger, like the time pressure or the less-interesting music or the fact that it's bloody difficult to pick up the game halfway through after a break of two and a half years.

Well, that's what I did last night and after that play session and the one I had just now I have to say that I was right all along: it is the motion sickness. Gah, I feel lousy. Headache and nausea and shakiness from adrenaline (since I just redid a too-long boss fight). Though the time thing and the memory were contributing factors; one reason I get so tense during this merciless long boss fight -- the Snowhead one, Goht -- is that it took me a full "day" (though not night) to remember that to get back into the temple I need to play the appropriate song as a Goron. I'd had in mind trying to get my sword sharpened for this three-day period, but so much time passed in trying to do all this that it leaves me with just one "day" to do everything necessary to get my sword sharpened and then one more day for the Smith to do it...and I'm not sure if that will be enough. But I really don't want to keep doing this stupid boss battle. Argh.

I'm not sure why I've never adapted to the motion. After the first day or so of playing Ocarina (and ending each session with taking antacids and ibuprofen), I adapted and never had trouble with it again. Wind Waker was even easier, and even the little I've played of Metroid Prime didn't bother me much. Katamari is getting slightly more tolerable (just as well, since apparently there's a two-player mode in the sequel). But I can't convince my stomach that MM is just fine. I think it's because the camera moves around a lot more, due to the different forms Link can take and the convoluted paths for them. I can handle roller coasters just fine but those Goron paths are something else.

So now I need to decide if I want to try for the races anyway or just explore a bit with this set of 3 days and try to solve a few more interactions. Probably the latter; I already had the frustrating experience once of the smith simply not taking the material to sharpen the sword until it was too late, which is why I'm so bitter about having to do it over. For that matter, that may be why I stopped playing before to begin with. No...I think that was terror of the ghosts at the Romani Ranch, which I ended up doing just fine yesterday (barely).

I also can't remember if I got the prize from the Great Fairy at Snowhead. I wish there were some easy way to tell which ones you've recombobulated at some point besides looking in a guide to find out what you're supposed to get, since I don't want to know if I haven't gotten it yet. Oh well.

In other news, I got some CDs recently. Songs of Zemeth, a vocal collection from Ys VI, in a promo set which included an instrumental version (which I think might be intended as accompaniment rather than standalone, haven't heard it all yet) and a demo movie CD. Mario and Zelda Big Band Concert. And Zelda Sound History. The Big Band one is kind of interesting even if the first three or four tracks are all slightly different takes on the main SMB theme; there are also some interesting Zelda ones including a rendition of the entire Hyrule Field theme on a small ensemble. The Sound History has music from all the console Zeldas -- using the Famicom Disc System versions of Zelda 1 and 2 rather than the cartridge ones, which means some differences most notable in the title music and the whistle. There are only a few tracks from LttP, Ocarina, MM, and WW, but that's okay since I have

[at this point I remembered I was watching a MM auction and quickly went to eBay. 11 seconds left, and I didn't get my bid in because eBay asks for my password to be retyped even when I'm logged in. ARGH. It went for only $6.71, too. It's the only authentic full soundtrack auction for MM I've ever seen.]

...since I have soundtracks of those already except a full one for MM [*@%#!] and don't need more repeats, but after that was 12 tracks from 4 Swords + which I really wanted. Unfortunately, I don't think they were the most interesting tracks, but oh well. Then an eight-minute medley of songs, which is to say the Famicom songs with a drumbeat. Not as interesting as I'd hoped, apparently, since I was sufficiently distracted by my book to not notice much about it. But I'm glad I got it -- I didn't have any soundtrack at all for Zelda II except for the one or two tracks in the SSBM concert CD. And I wanted that FDS one of Zelda 1, too; I'm pretty sure the one I already had, the Zelda Sound & Drama, uses the cart sounds.

Hm. Probably about another 30-60 minutes before my stomach is settled enough to try MM again. Maybe I'll work on unraveling Wendy's top again. I finished the front only to look at it and realize that a different design element I put in on impulse but like has distorted the bottom edge so that there's sort of a ^ shape. I don't think she wants this, even though it's shallow. So I'll have to take out the corners and redo them. They'll look better that way, though, so it'll be worth it. I just hope the yarn doesn't fray in all this redoing.
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