Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

[knitting] Hitting a snag.

This past weekend I continued work on Sis's top. Right up to when I discovered I'd added a stitch, oh, 20 rows back. And my hands were a bit rough (snagging the microfiber ribbon way too often for comfort) so after fiddling fruitlessly with the extra stitch in the vain hope of getting out of ripping back (called frogging, incidentally) I stuffed the project back in its back and pulled out the wool and mohair oddball sweater I've been working on for myself. When my mental alertness is up to dealing with the fiddly process of unravelling only as far as the error rather than the whole thing (a nontrivial problem with yarn this slippery) I'll get back to the one I'm actually under deadline on...have to have it ready by mid-May when I'll be visiting home (that sounds odd) for the Uematsu concert. And I still need to figure out how I'll do the straps, too. Well, I have a pretty good idea, I'm just not sure how it'll pan out. I'll find out eventually, assuming I manage to get past this stage in the front.

And I still want to write up my last two hats. Not because any knitters that I know of read this but to write it down before I forget it all. I did some rather nifty stuff for those last two hats, and can see myself squinting at it in a few years and wondering how. This would be a lot more effective if I had pictures to go with them, but I haven't put in the time to figure out a good way to get images up anywhere, even if I'd taken any. Since one hat was given to my mother about ten minutes after I finished it I don't have it available to take pictures of anyway, though she took a few and emailed them to me.
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