Alunissage (alunissage) wrote,

[gaming] More FF1.

My initial enthusiasm for FF got rather dampened when I couldn't find the next dungeon I was supposed to go to. I went everywhere else I could, and got the clear idea of the name of where I had to go, but I just couldn't find it. I think three separate play sessions were required before I stumbled on it (while eating at a restaurant, no less). I suppose it got me good and levelled up, though.

I can see the appeal of playing again with a different combination of classes. For one thing, it seems like 80% of the equipment I find or can buy can only be used by one party member, which is a bit annoying.

Looks like the precedent for having a vehicle is clearly established in the start, too, with the boat being abruptly dropped on one in only the second town, and strong hints about levitation in the future. At present it's not as convenient as it sounds, since all the important sites have to be reached on agonizingly slow foot.

My tolerance for random encounters has also greatly decreased, especially when there's no auto or tactics command to hurry things up. Argh. In some of these places the encounter rate is truly insane, with only a step or two between battles for a particular stretch of dungeon hallway. And I'm facing that agony of decision again with the spells, when all four of a given level seem desirable and I can only have three. So I compromise by only buying two, and now I have to walk back and get a third.

I'm a bit annoyed that I forgot my headphones this morning and had to do all of today's playing with the volume turned off. I wonder what music I missed. I'm tempted to load up and find out, but too sleepy. I really should make myself go to bed; I'll never adjust adequately for daylight savings at this rate...
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