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It’s been quite a while since I’ve thought to write anything, since my impulses to update hardly ever coincide with my being at a computer with the time to do anything. However, I’m now propped up on the couch in just such a way to hold the homemade hot pad against the very painful spot on my back which has been plaguing me lately, and I can’t easily move yet have the laptop in position to type. So I suppose now’s the time.

The long weekend was pretty nice. I-Gene (zqfmbg) made a comment or two about it in his journal which is part of what impelled me to update.

Some online acquaintances of I-Gene’s were visiting for a tournament of some sort so I-Gene left before I woke up. I had the place to myself, which really was very nice. It’s been quite a while that I could simply relax by myself without interruption, from the beginning of the day. I realized I could finally get back to Growlanser II and updating my various tables, but had a pang of conscience when I saw the translation of the Vheen manga I’d promised several weeks ago to proofread. Well, it shouldn’t take that long to type up my notes, since I’d gone through about three-quarters of it with a print copy.

Five hours later I was feeling a bit dubious about that time estimate. I forget how long I took, but I think I didn’t get to Grow II until something like 8:30. And that was only covering the first half or so of the manga. I still don’t know what took so long. I did get some playing in, though I’m still proceeding at a snail’s pace. But it can be fun redoing event battles to get more desirable outcomes.

C came out and met us at House of Bread for lunch. I got a sandwich which unsurprisingly came held together with a toothpick. After I’d had a few bites C commented that I might want to remove the toothpick; I said that it’s sometimes useful to assist in holding the sandwich together and took another bite, promptly chomping the toothpick. Sometimes I wonder if my only purpose is to provide amusement to my friends.

Following a side trip to Michael’s (at which time she bought yarn despite a stated intent not to do so) and another to the library to return a book, we returned here for show and tell. We both went to Stitches West, an annual knitting show/market, but at different times. One skein I bought she thinks she considered buying herself, which is kind of funny. She then continued to work on a project she’d brought along, while I watched, knitted a little more, and...I don’t remember what else. Chatted and showed her books which I then loaned her; I don’t think I actually did much knitting; I had to stop on one project for lack of yarn (remedied the following day) and did a little swatch for another project which also needed some more yarn. I-Gene happily drilled holes all over, working on making the ethernet less conspicuous, which effort is so far successful.

We’d planned a day trip to Monterey which went quite well, if a bit shorter than originally visualized. We ended up oversleeping by about an hour and a half, and didn’t get out of the house until 12:45 (original target: 11:30). But that was okay because the yarn store I wanted to go to was open until 5:30 instead of 4 as I’d been thinking -- for some reason I just thought Monday was Sunday #2 and assumed Sunday hours. It started raining just as we left but that stopped soon and we just had really nice clouds. Hard to describe now, but most of my conversation on the trip down consisted of “these clouds are so neat!” Just as well I wasn’t driving.

We parked in the big structure near Cannery Row and went to the Fish Hopper for lunch as planned. That place has the best clam chowder, and has free samples of it out too. We each had one and then went in and I-Gene proceeded to order another bowl of it in a bread bowl. I had an appetizer of roasted artichoke, but it didn’t do so much for me -- it was marinated in balsamic vinaigrette, which is a nice flavor for a salad but not what I’m looking for on an artichoke, where the sweetness didn’t really work with the mayonnaise-based dipping sauce. I think I’ll stick with plain boiled artichokes and mayonnaise. Still, I had some good bread and the bits of chowder and was sated.

After that we went to Monarch Knitting, one of my favorite little stores. It was about twice as big as it was last time, which was nice. Spent quite a while there, looking through the whole store multiple times with different projects in mind. I-Gene was magnificently cooperative, looking at stuff with me for the first half hour, then retiring to a chair and table which was thoughtfully supplied with the current New Yorker magazine. Said table and chairs were adjacent to the little kids’ area with a few toys and child books, making me wonder if the table was the beleagured-spouses area.

I got some nice stuff, including yarns to continue both projects I’d had to stop work on Sunday. I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for but wasn’t that hopeful and the stuff I got instead will work well too in a different way. After paying I spotted the current Knitter’s, which I’d been looking for in Barnes & Noble because it looked to have a halter top similar to what I was thinking of doing for Wendy, and bought that too. At that point it was 5:35 and there wasn’t much daylight (and it was raining, getting us a little wet as we went to the car) left but we made the most of it, driving down the coast until the highway curved in. It just so happened that our dinner spot was on that street, as it’d become, so we went a little earlier than planned, especially since the best parking spot was available.

Ah, Fifi’s. I steadfastly intend to take C there, as I really think she’d enjoy it. Started with a heavenly French onion soup, which I was afraid to finish for fear of not being able to eat my entree. Well-founded fear, too; I could only eat half of it, after having the soup, some bread (which made the unsalted butter taste good), and a mocha. My sand dabs, potatoes, and spinach in yummy sauce were quite good the next day too, though. Despite having been too full to finish dinner we got delicious fruit tarts for dessert. A pretty expensive meal with all those add-ons (tarts, soup, mocha) but worth it. Yum.

Was too tired to do any knitting that night (though I did a little in the car returning) but determined to play with my new Manos yarn (to continue the wool/mohair sweater I started a few weeks ago) on my way to work the following day.

This morning I quickly wound up my multicolored Manos, happily anticipating knitting with it on my way to work. Except that I discovered about thirty stitches in (with a different yarn) that stitch counts in the eight equal sections of my sweater varied quite a bit. I had to frog six rows (that’s ripping it back) to correct my mistakes. And, of course, just before doing this stitch counting I’d cut the yarns I was no longer using for that part of the sweater, so now when I reknit those rows I’ll need to make about six more stitches with the yarn that only had three extra inches at the end. Argh.
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