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Alunissage's Journal
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Monday, February 19th, 2007

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[knitting] Making the easy difficult... not on purpose, either.
So I did the unprecedented, for me: deliberately followed someone else's pattern exactly, even to the stitch count and needle size. And I'm being punished for it with... well, the same amount of aggravation I get from anything of my own, really. Just goes to show that for me there doesn't seem to be much of an advantage in following a pattern, even one that almost couldn't be simpler: the garter-stitch wrap.

Only of interest to knitters, of which there are approximately zero reading my journalCollapse )

Edit: This comment from the Yarn Harlot's Feb 15 blog pretty much describes what would happen (less the cussing) if I tried following a more complex pattern written by someone else. Well, the first half, anyway; the few things I've tried this with have never been finished.

You could try my method: First, I will do exactly what the pattern said to do because I'm maintaining the art of the designer. Then, I will not like something about it (usually that I think it's "overly complicated" or "taking too long"), rip it out, and start over my way.

THEN I discover that 'my way' doesn't work for one or a thousand reasons, tear it out again, start over using a second, similar pattern for reference but really just doing my own thing again. This also does not work. Tear it back again, sit down with a pencil and my arsenal of cuss words, write down what I think I'm going to do, cuss, cross out, write, cuss, cross out, write, cuss, cross out, write AND THEN?

One last cuss and I go back to the pattern. Humbly. And refusing to acknowledge that I ever left it. Except that I'm just going to change this one itty-bitty thing over here because it's too >>fussy<<...

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