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Alunissage's Journal
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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

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We're not in Kansas any more...
A couple weeks ago I made the discovery that my grandparents, which have lived in the Bay Area all my life and most of theirs, were actually located in Arizona. I realized this based on the fact that of the six or eight clocks in their house nearly all of them were not observing Daylight Savings time. This did, of course, occur on a weekday, rendering me rather late to work. It wasn't so surprising that the alarm clock in my mom's old room (in which I usually stay) hadn't been reset since none of the regular occupants of the house use it, but the kitchen and dining room clocks had also not been updated, nor the car.

The house and car have now been returned to California, and I thought the gadding about the country was done (at least until fall). Last night I again stayed over, and set the alarm in my mom's room to go off at 8am, in the dim hope that I'd get to the DMV to renew my license before going to work at 10. This involved a bit of work, since it had last been set for 9 and I had to step through the hours.

This morning I woke to it and smacked the snooze alarm a few times before turning it off at 8:45 and getting up at about 9:10. I made an unusually elaborate breakfast for myself (scrambled eggs with cheese and some microwave bacon, with a tall mug of coffee) and got myself out just at 10...a bit late to work, but not too bad since at least it's only a 15-minute drive from there. I'd given up on the DMV when I was utterly unable to get up at 8.

And I started my car and looked at the clock: 8:01. Cellphone corroborated it.

Apparently Mom's room moved to Kansas overnight.

I'm sure I would've noticed the alarm clock telling it me it was after 3am when I was setting the alarm (since it was about 1 by the dining room clock when I went to bed). But it said 1:xx. Somehow it jumped two hours while I was sleeping. I suppose I could've accidentally tapped the hour button without holding the alarm button while resetting the alarm (which would adjust the clock time), but I still think I would've seen the result after I finished setting it.

Since I was out at 8 after all, I went to the DMV. 10 minutes of getting lost (I was about 40 feet away from it, but due to construction I couldn't see it) and 30 minutes of waiting followed by 5 minutes of processing and I'm all done, undoubtedly dopey new photo and all. (But old weight, carried over from when I first got my license 12 years ago. Would that it were that easy.)

Now, knowing that I only got 5 hours of sleep -- and not all that soundly, at that -- I wonder how I'll manage the rest of the day. Good thing I have the giant-sized coffee mug with me, I guess.
[knitting] Grumble.
I finally cast on for the back of the top last night and knit a few rows. I made a minor arithmetic error, but not enough to account for the width I got, which varied from 18" to 22" depending on how stretched the stitches were on the needles. Measuring even a very wide rib when there's only been an inch or so knit really is a pain.

So this morning, while waiting my turn at the DMV (as noted in the previous entry), I ripped out the whole thing and cast on a lot fewer. Basically, I measured 15" of what I had (my intended width was 15"-16") and cast on enough for that. And after about the same number of rows my piece is barely 13" wide.

So, now I have two options: continue or not. If I continue, I'll almost certainly have to add an inch or so to either side when I sew the pieces together -- a design feature I'd considered (having those added columns of stitches continue up the front and become the straps) and decided against because I don't really want to be sewing four side seams instead of two.

If I rip out again, I can either split the difference between the two attempts and just hope it works out this time, or say the heck with the ribs (even if it's only k4p1) and just go for stockinette, with a more predictable gauge but more boring execution and less forgiving if the size doesn't quite work out.


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