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Alunissage's Journal
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

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[knitting] Pinwheel berets, part 2
(singsong) My new year’s resolution is to finish what I sta...

Not really. I gave up on that long ago. Still, I do feel rather sheepish having just one part of a projected 4 up, even if my only interested audience is myself. Talk about an overactive guilt complex. I want to catch up to hat 2 in this one, so these cuts will be quite long.

First completed hat - Canadiana (part 2)Collapse )

After all that, can I squeeze in hat 2? Well, it doesn’t need nearly the detail. Or if it does I’ve forgotten most of it anyway.

Second completed hat - Wool-EaseCollapse )

Things I've learned from this entry: if composing in Word before c/p'ing, make sure to change curved/angled quotes to straight. At first my cuts were labelled "first and "second, then when I only corrected the first one the entire entry became the label. D'oh.

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