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Alunissage's Journal
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Monday, January 17th, 2005

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Every time I feel like writing something the site is down or I'm nowhere near a computer (or am near one but have more vital things to do, like work or sleep). Fortunately, as both my readers have figured out, I'm currently seeing this as a place to semi-archive my knitting projects so I don't have to unravel them to figure out what the heck I did. As such my time limit is merely whenever I forget what I've done...which in most cases has happened immediately or isn't going to happen. Which kind of makes that whole initial premise moot.

From an offhand comment in another LJ I was impelled to look for something, I don't even remember what, in the Internet Archive. Thanks to a certain amount of compulsiveness and a fear of being left out or missing something I've consequently spent most of my weekend reading through four years of archived copies of the site I was looking at...actually, no, I'm still only about halfway in. Groan. The earlier stuff is perhaps more interesting to me, though, as I didn't start reading the site itself regularly until a couple of years ago. What prompted me to make this particular update is the realization that I was reading updates originally posted before I knew the Internet existed. Well, more or less; I'd been using email since 1991-2 but somehow the only knowledge I had in May 1999 of the 'net's existence came from Cliff Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg.

long digression regarding glacially dropping ignorance levels as measured in sequential readings of the bookCollapse )

Which reminds me of my initial topic, which I've pretty much already gone through. Besides, I have something else to do now. When I started I was also attempting to make breakfast without burning the house down, with a first-quarter score of Oatmeal 1, Robin 0. However, the oatmeal which didn't boil over is now done and reasonably tasty, so I should get to it before I start meditating on the incongruity of my personal use of a sports metaphor for anything. Besides, I have two more years of archive to read.
[knitting] Pinwheel berets, part 1+pi
As I sit here Kitchener-grafting/tubular casting-off/whatever you want to call it my most recent hat, the Manos red/green/yellow-orange one, I realize that it might have been an advantage to do the final row of p1, sl1 wyif with the purls being done backward, that is, bringing the yarn up under the needle instead of wrapping it over it. This would both make the stitches smaller (an advantage with this stretchy silk/alpaca I'm using) and make all the stitches twisted, which I think would be a distinct advantage during the tubular casting-off process since all stitches are still on the original knitting needle and it would be easier to access the appropriate loop of the "back" stitches.

This will mean nothing to pretty much everyone but me, and of course doesn't go here chronologically, but I was afraid I'd forget if I didn't write it down soon. And I do like the general principle and look of doing the ribbing this way even though I still have some issues to work out with it, so I want to be able to keep this in mind for next time. Or this time if I end up having to unravel that last row, which I sincerely hope will not be the case.

(n.b., 1+pi is not just being silly. This is the fourth hat I've done [in this style] and it's a short addendum...never mind that part 4 hasn't actually been written yet. Or that part one is actually taking two parts so far, the second one of which hasn't been written yet either. There, has that been amusingly stupid enough for you non-knitters to laugh at and therefore not consider this a waste of your reading time?)

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