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Alunissage's Journal
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Thursday, January 6th, 2005

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[knitting] Pinwheel berets, part 1

After the previous entry's high-minded closing about traveling new roads or whatever I said, it's somewhat embarrassing to admit that my current and most recently finished projects are both variations on essentially the same construction as the very first project I ever made. And that first one, while it could be called my first design, is "mine" only by accident...I'd been trying to make a hat in the style of the ones my mother knit when I was about seven and misunderstood the directions she gave me over the phone -- I didn't even know how to cast on at the time, and had not one single page of any printed material.  Although I've made at least three and a half hats based on that general construction since then, not one has ever managed to exactly follow the original simple design, even when I started out intending to do so.

First completed hat - Canadiana (part 1)Collapse )

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