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Alunissage's Journal
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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
4:29 pm
It's been, what, eight years since I posted an entry? And really, this is just to note that I have a Wordpress blog with a minuscule amount of activity here:

Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to crosspost, for the, I dunno, one or two people who might see my activity on their friends' feed.
Monday, February 19th, 2007
1:13 am
[knitting] Making the easy difficult... not on purpose, either.
So I did the unprecedented, for me: deliberately followed someone else's pattern exactly, even to the stitch count and needle size. And I'm being punished for it with... well, the same amount of aggravation I get from anything of my own, really. Just goes to show that for me there doesn't seem to be much of an advantage in following a pattern, even one that almost couldn't be simpler: the garter-stitch wrap.

Only of interest to knitters, of which there are approximately zero reading my journalCollapse )

Edit: This comment from the Yarn Harlot's Feb 15 blog pretty much describes what would happen (less the cussing) if I tried following a more complex pattern written by someone else. Well, the first half, anyway; the few things I've tried this with have never been finished.

You could try my method: First, I will do exactly what the pattern said to do because I'm maintaining the art of the designer. Then, I will not like something about it (usually that I think it's "overly complicated" or "taking too long"), rip it out, and start over my way.

THEN I discover that 'my way' doesn't work for one or a thousand reasons, tear it out again, start over using a second, similar pattern for reference but really just doing my own thing again. This also does not work. Tear it back again, sit down with a pencil and my arsenal of cuss words, write down what I think I'm going to do, cuss, cross out, write, cuss, cross out, write, cuss, cross out, write AND THEN?

One last cuss and I go back to the pattern. Humbly. And refusing to acknowledge that I ever left it. Except that I'm just going to change this one itty-bitty thing over here because it's too >>fussy<<...
Friday, December 15th, 2006
12:08 pm
I don't know why it takes me months to remember I have this journal when I write incredibly verbose emails to friends and family about the sort of thing I'd intended to put here.

wool uneaseCollapse )

manos a manosCollapse )
Sunday, October 29th, 2006
11:59 am
Paper faces
I wanted to point someone to the lengthy comments I posted at LunarNET about the recent Phantom of the Opera movie without tripling the current size of the thread about it, so I figured I may as well paste it here behind a cut so the people who don't want to read three pages of criticism don't have to. I don't remember exactly what the question of Phyco's that I was responding to was, maybe as general as "What did you think of it?" "I didn't like it much." "Why not?"

What I thought of the Phantom of the Opera movieCollapse )

(As a postscript, I no longer remember everything in the movie that I commented on.)
Friday, May 26th, 2006
3:28 pm
My wedding dress has arrived at the salon and my first fitting is tomorrow. I hope they ordered the right dress.

Oddly, I'm told that the fittings are free but the alterations aren't. Huh? What's the difference here? They tell you whether it fits or not?
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
8:10 pm
Went to get a burrito tonight, and found after getting it that I'd been overcharged. It took a couple of minutes for the employee to get me my 65 cents; while waiting I glanced at the tips jar on the counter. It read:


It was all I could do to keep from "correcting" it to "you're" and "tip's". You know, just to be thorough.
Sunday, March 19th, 2006
11:40 pm
Monday, February 20th, 2006
11:18 am
[knitting] Undisciplined.
As expected, I'm really not good at this sticking to a single project for two weeks thing. It's not entirely my fault, as there's been a lot going on at work and I've been driving and so haven't gotten commuter knitting time in, but also there's just the distraction of other things. Like the Stitches yarn market Saturday. Even though I only bought from two vendors and only 7 skeins total including two pairs of 2 of the same thing, I've really wanted to play with the new yarn. (One skein actually was for the swirl knitting project, but pretty unexciting in itself, inasmuch as Tess can get dull.) And then add to the supply of large wound wheels of mohair that aren't going anywhere. :P Naturally, two of the skeins of Tess mohair are in nearly much the same colorway as I already had in ribbon and Silky Locks (silk/mohair boucle), the two of which I had intended to use together, but the new mohair works better with the ribbon than the one I had, breaking up that set. Not to mention that I got different ribbon in a contrasting color to use with the new mohair and I'm not convinced both ribbons will work simultaneously with it. In the meantime, I need to come up with something else for the Silky Locks. I think it will work with some Tess ribbon and Spritzer (novelty) that I bought with some matching angora but then decided that the angora isn't the right color texture to work with it. But one of the angoras will work with a bit of mohair that Mom gave me (and has more of), if I can figure out a good way for it to do so. It would be nice to have the angora where it could actually be felt on the skin.

It's probably all moot anyway, since I'll never get farther than this on anything. :P And I have about a dozen projects already going that need to be finished up. At least one of the yarns I got was for one of those in-progress things that I've tried about 3 approaches on to solve the lack of yarn to go with it...looks like I'll be unravelling *again*. Well, not that big a deal compared to the prospect of actually getting somewhere. And to think I selected that particular project with simplicity and not having to think much in mind. Ha.

But, the Knitting Olympics thing. Well, technically I didn't commit to an actual garment, just a technique, so I've already fulfilled it. That's a wimpy way out, though. It would be nice to at least have enough swirls for a yoke, after which the body could be knit straight.

These posts would probably be more meaningful with pictures...maybe sometime.
Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
2:10 am
For no particular reason, I'm finally getting around to posting this message I saw scrolling by on a Valero gas pump last December:


The exclamation points were actually ones followed by periods. That was the least of the atrocities in that message, though.

In other news, well, there isn't really any other news. I'm putting a dent in my thumb trying to get the bonus level in Fiery Furnace in DKC2 (GBA) and trying to work out a faster route for Super Metroid 100% that's suited to my meager skills. I have a feeling the only way to really figure out the least redundant way to go through would be to open a map in Photoshop or Illustrator and then use successive layers to draw routes to superimpose on it. And trying to figure out the minimal skills I need to acquire... "okay, if I can manage to walljump in that horrible room near Draygon I can put off the grapple beam until after Maridia...oh crud, that means pulling off the frozen enemy glitch to get the spring ball, so if I can't do that I need to do Crocomire right after getting the wave beam, but then I'd have to come back for the missile near the ice beam..." I need a paper map. And to watch about four speedruns, which means about six or eight hours.

Maybe I should think about knitting instead. I've decided to try swirl knitting for the Knitting Olympics that the Yarn Harlot came up with, and produced a cool little practice piece with these yarns I've been waiting at least three years to get to. I dug out two more balls of the mohair I want to use for the body of the sweater and a stitch dictionary, only to find that I'd left the rest of the yarn I've been swatching with at work. Well, I guess I have a week to figure out what I'm doing, and the nature of swirl knitting means that I don't have to plan ahead that precisely, but I have an idea for something cool to work in that will definitely need some planning.
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
6:41 pm
How do I feel old? Let me count the ways.
A thread on a messageboard about how to start learning programming, full of references I didn't get, impelled me to write up a little timeline of my life and computers. Mostly for my own distraction -- anything to keep from thinking about my life at this moment -- but others might find it amusing. Added the 1980 line even though it's not relevant because I find it funny and somewhat emblematic.

Those were the days...Collapse )
Saturday, December 10th, 2005
11:13 pm
[knitting] Gripe, gripe.
Mom got me the Stitch n' Bitch Knitter's Design Journal. There are some very nice things about it and others that range from hideous to merely "What was she thinking??" ("She" being Debbie Stoller, not Mom. As one of the Amazon reviews commented, the book comes in shrinkwrap so you can't tell what you're getting ahead of time.)

lots of words on what's wrong with it and some on what's rightCollapse )

Overall, I do plan on using the book, and have used it a bit already. It's just a shame that it's a) ugly and b) containing a lot of pages which are useless to me. I guess I could paste photocopies of more useful stuff over the basics. Come to think of it, I could also glue a nice, opaque piece of fabric over the outside cover, too. Except that then the equally obnoxious band wouldn't fit around it.
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
4:43 pm
*grumble* Bureacracy
Okay, I suppose it isn't that bad. But it's still annoying.

I worked a heck of a lot of overtime last month. 67.5 hours between the 17th and the 31st. (And another 4.5 on Nov 1, but timesheets are monthly.) However, I took Nov 2 off, following the submission this was all for, so I didn't report the 17th and 18th, on which I'd worked 12 hours each for a total of 8 hours of overtime. I also took off about 4.5 hours on Nov 3, covered by the extra hours of Nov 1. So my Oct sheet shows 59.5 extra hours -- Oct 19-31. Only two of those days didn't have extra time: one Sunday I didn't come in, and another I worked just the usual 8. (Actually, it was more like 6, but I covered that with 2 hours elsewhere in the week for convenience.)

And then our payroll person writes and says she has a question, can I drop by? I'm at home sick (the world is kind of spinning around me) but I ask what's up, since I have a scan of my timesheet in my email. She says she's only coming up wtih 51.75 hours. I still don't know what's up with the .75, because I worked an even number of quarter-hours, and said so. But the eight suggested to me that she was counting a weekend day as a weekday and subtracting eight hours for the "normal" part of the day. Maybe she doesn't think people work 17 hours on Sundays.

We get that straightened out, but then she asks how much I worked the first week of November, because she needs this to go forward. Actually, I'd already answered her, but she didn't see it or wanted me to state it more explicitly, I dunno. I told her that I took Nov 2 off but had also not reported my 8 extra hours on 17-18 Oct to cover this. She then says that she can't give me credit for the comp time on Oct 31 (3 hours) because I didn't work 40 hours in that week. Overtime is calculated by the week, Mon-Sun, and the 31st was a Monday. It's phrased as if I were trying to claim more than I did. My explanation that I was counting other hours was apparently unacceptable -- but it wasn't until I asked her to put those 8 hours onto my Oct sheet when I worked them that she acknowledged them. I think if I hadn't said anything I just wouldn't have been paid for those hours. So now I'm to redo the entire timesheet -- which she seems to have forgotten was not generated electronically by me because the department no longer trusts us to do that and was instead provided to us despite being just an Excel printout -- because she can't fill in those hours on the 17th and 18th even though she has no problem removing hours from the 31st.

The stupid thing here is that the changes she's doing will cost the University time and money. Time because this just took an hour and a half and about 20 emails...okay, the first ten were about this arithmetic error, which required me to send her a spreadsheet in which I'd copied my handwritten hours exactly and added them up...not to mention time next month in processing the leave for Nov 2 and my additional time of correcting the timesheet because she can apparently only take time away rather than put it in. Money because while my 3 hours on the 31st are no longer going to be counted as overtime, my 8 hours on the 17th and 18th now will be, so I'll get 5 hours extra at time-and-a-half instead of the normal time they would have been when I was treating them as Nov 2 work. I'm not hugely paid, but still. And were I not home sick today I would point out that I might well have to work overtime in November to make up for the time spent dealing with this instead of my actual job. (Instead, it'll just mean less sick leave today, so it's kind of like being paid in leave.)

Oh, and one more thing. She said she couldn't give me credit for "comp time". I'd already told her, when she asked, that I get overtime, not comp time -- though I didn't bother telling her the reason is because I can arrange comp time informally by just not reporting overtime, as indeed I was doing, as I've done for years with my boss a willing conspirator (in one case, he advised that I count my June overtime as the comp time for some July leave rather than my July overtime because I got a pay increase in July). However, if she ends up listing it as comp time rather than paying me overtime I'll be ticked. Sure, it's an extra week and a half of vacation, which would be useful next year, but I'd rather choose when and take unpaid leave.

I almost envy the academics, who don't get overtime but don't have to go through all this. Then again they also get nearly a full week more of vacation than we staff do, because apparently staff don't work hard enough to need that extra time off. :P
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
10:56 pm
I still exist.
I'd almost forgotten I had this journal, even though I occasionally post on other people's LJs (which is the reason I got an account to begin with). And then while reading one of the two knitting blogs/sites I do read fairly regularly, girlfromauntie.com, I was shocked to mouse over a link and see my username in the url. She'd linked to a post I made in January, in which I mentioned an article of hers as provoking the post and (obviously) the thought behind it. And now her finding that post of mine has reminded her to repost the article to which I referred and to finish another post she means to make. So it's gone full circle.

If I were really cool I'd link all these articles and posts above, but I don't think I'm up to it right now and one of them is currently offline anyway.

So, what have I been doing in the months since I last updated?

I finished Wendy's top. I meant to make my inaugural post in advanced_knit about it and even took an intermediate picture, but I never did and still have yet to so much as comment in the group. I'm just not a vey social knitter, I guess. Or at least am insufficiently one to overcome minor impediments like getting pictures online. I don't have a picture of the finished product, either, though if I redo the bottom as I was thinking of it won't matter anyway.

I also (practically) finished my pretty cotton knit top that I designed and knit most of in Hawaii in 2003 only to find that by some error all the waist shaping was about 6 inches too high, i.e., the widest point of my chest. So this past summer I took out a row just above the shaping, knit those six inches, and grafted the thing back together. The length was much more satisfactory, and I had a fair amount of yarn left. I tried it on for a friend and asked her opinion of the length since it was tempting to make it a tunic (a length I'd much rather have, being both shortwaisted and excessively curvy). She opined that two more pattern reps on both bottom and sleeves would be good. I'll save the detail for that potential post at the knit group above, but suffice it to say that this was not as trivial an alteration as it should be considering there's no shapin involved. I'm casting off the second sleeve (and reconsidering my castoff, which may lead to re-casting off the first sleeve) and plan to unpick and redo the castoffs at bottom hem and neck to match. And then I'll have completed a sweater for myself, for the first time.

I still haven't gotten to that last dungeon of FF1. But I did buy and complete the import of Lunar: Dragon Song, though I haven't had time and inclination to get very far in the domestic one. I also played through most of Ocarina of Time so I could watch a speedrun of it, but have to do the final castle, and made some more progress on that Majora's Mask game I started in 2002. I'm stuck at the dungeon I was most looking forward to in the game, though, and the save system is quite a disincentive to play when you don't have lots of time available.

And that's pretty much it for the things I've talked about here in the past. Insane overtime in the past few weeks, some nifty soundtrack purchases and again more games I'll never get to play, thinking of getting back to a beading project I first contemplated at least a year ago and probably more... On that topic, though, I'm currently trying to finish up old projects of mine before starting any completely new ones. A bit laughable, but I'm getting so close with this cotton one, even if I didn't quite make summer.

I also made my sister a really pretty bag sometime in the past year. Someday I might even have a photo of it.

Now that I've been reminded of this, I want to try (for once) to finish at least writing up my other two knit hats. It's of scant interest to anyone but me, but the discipline would be good. The last two might even be publishable, though they'd only easily be executed by someone who likes grafting and dislikes seaming as much as I, which may be no one. I'm thinking of making another, and I may write up directions as I go and then see if someone else can follow the directions. It isn't often I knit something in yarn that's entirely commercially available and replicable. (People beside me DO wear berets, right? I can't seem to handle any other type of hat.)
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
6:15 pm
I work in a biology lab building. As I passed one of the cold rooms, I saw this sign on the door: "Warning. Electrical sockets are leaking water again. Watch your step."

I'm not sure which is scarier, the electrical sockets leaking water or the again.
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
10:57 pm
This was intended to be a response to this journal entry, but it was so long and self-centered I thought it should go here so as to not clutter up his space.

Re the article, I remember being pretty resistant to the mouse. For the first two or three years I was in college the mouse stayed tied up and unconnected in a desk drawer. It was only when Dad put Win 3.1 on my brand-new 286 that I started using it, and I think it was quite a while before I used it for anything but Minesweeper; I was perfectly happy with Norton Commander. I didn't like the idea of the mouse (and really the GUI, I suppose, but I didn't know the concept then) because you seemed to be stuck with whatever preset command someone else had decided to associate with that icon, rather than being able to type in whatever command with whatever arguments you wanted. Granted, I didn't do much of this myself, but it was the principle of the thing.

I printed out the keyboard shortcuts section of the MS Word help file a few weeks ago. It's 22 pages. I haven't gone through it yet. All I really want is a key combo for paste as unformatted text... :( Well, maybe a few other things, but that's the one that annoys me the most, involving two menus rather that a nice ctrl-v.

I'm using a new keyboard at work now, a variant of the MS natural keyboard. It doesn't have an Insert key in that little set of six keys, just an extra-long Delete key. I follow the logic: hitting insert accidentally and changing the mode to overwrite has caused a lot of annoyance. But then I had a problem when using ssh and pasting into pico: past is shift-insert (or ctrl-insert, I forget) and the only insert key is on the numpad -- and I prefer to have numlock on, so now I have to remember to turn it off and move my hand nearly as far as I would to the mouse...or use the mouse. That last took me a really long time to think of; I don't look for icons when I'm using pico! (Later, pico was replaced with nano, which is mostly identical to pico but reserves the ctrl-insert for something else, so I'm forced employ the mouse to paste. Argh.)

Re your nutty password: the variant on the calling-home story I recall is sitting in your closet holding the phone and typing one character at a time while you were at a party in Seattle. Isn't that a nice pathetic picture? Not only are you a geek with a girlfriend, you're a geek who goes to parties in other states and leaves your girlfriend to crawl into the closet and deal with your computer. ;)

Re home-row typing, that is how I learned to type, on an honest-to-God typewriter. (In high school, despite being the top programming student of my year, I was typing my homework on my great-grandmother's manual typewriter. I finally unbent enough to start using the Pascal editor, but didn't use a word processor until I was writing college application essays.) I didn't get very far with the typing instructions then, though. I was still looking at the keyboard to type up until about my last year of college, when I started working in an office and had to type up handwritten docs. I gradually memorized the keyboard then, and the introduction of IM into my life a year or two later vastly sped it up, although with the amusing side effect of introducing weird phonetic typos. Somehow the use of IM seems to have directly connected the speaking parts of my brain to my fingers; it's like taking dictation from myself and just grabbing the first word that has the right sound without checking for sense. Not just common ones like no/know or the wrong there/their/they're, but typing dozen instead of doesn't. I think that was the one that really clued me in on what was going on there, that some part of my mental dictionary had gotten cut out of the loop.

But what I meant to mention was that typing is pretty comfortable for me now, despite my use of the home-row methodology. But it may help that I didn't have a typing class and started typing in much greater quantity in a conversational setting, where I was generally relaxed rather than under the eye of a teacher or stressed out from work or something. I'll occasionally have some pain, but very rarely, and usually related more to my arm height than to the typing itself. Proof of this is in the length of this entry, during which I felt just fine typing on my laptop.
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
12:54 pm
Family resemblances
Apparently someone leaked a photo of my little sister and myself a few years ago.

Seriously, the conversation this illustrates probably happened. I remember part of the previous dimension's version clearly; it went something like this:

Robin: And what shape is it?
Wendy: (smiling proudly) A hessagon!

And since the dodecahedron is one of my favorite polyhedra I undoubtedly discussed it with her as well, though perhaps not at the same time. I don't remember when I got so into all this stuff, though I'm sure that interest in Escher was the catalyst. Probably around ten years ago, maybe more. I do vaguely recall looking carefully at the shape of the garnets we got at Wrangell, AK in 1992 (rhombic dodecahedra, not to be confused with the one Lisa is explaining) so perhaps it was as far back as then.

The roots were surely earlier, though. My dad's collected pyrite cubes for years, though not so much recently -- the first he bought is still probably the best. He just thought it was really interesting that a mineral grows in such a shape. That principle stuck with me, though it didn't always occur to other people, who would give him amorphous pyrite, missing the point. And Mom has always enjoyed Escher's work; for as long as I can remember there's been a poster advertising a showing of his stuff at San Francisco's Vorpal Gallery in 1972 pinned onto a door in the house. And in an effort to cover up the unbelievably ugly wallpaper in the house's single bedroom she put pictures she liked over it, including several copies of Escher prints; when the bedroom became mine (later Wendy's) following the addition of a second story I kept the pictures and would stare at the Metamorphosis (II) going across the top, or the two hands drawing each other, trying to figure them out.

My sister hasn't, so far as I know, really followed this path herself...but her favorite shape is the star, and of course the elegant mathematical properties of the star (I suppose properly termed the pentagram, but I dislike the connotations of it) have been known for centuries (or millennia? when was Pythagoras?). Perhaps its golden-section proportions says something to her subconsciously. I'm sure part of the appeal of the Triforce to me is its charm as three equilateral triangles, with a fourth in the space between them...I can't help but think that the proper form in 3D would be four tetrahedra forming a large one by touching at the corners, with the middle octahedral space empty. However, Tetraforce just doesn't have the same ring, however much it might go with recent installments.

(As for the sudden segue from Wendy's stars to the Triforce, I was thinking of the multitude of glow-in-the-dark stars on her bedroom walls, when she finally got sick of the aforementioned wallpaper and painted the room. She offered to let me paint something on it and I stamped a triforce in gold in one corner, since I had been in the process of stamping them all over my boring black suitcase so I could actually find it at the airport. See, my thought processes make perfect sense.)
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
12:25 am
Knitting: cast on for the back of Wendy's top and got more than 8 rows into it! I think I have the size right this time. And if not, well, she'll just have to deal. But at least it should go pretty fast, and the white ribbon I'm using for it is much more cooperative than the stuff I used for the front. I'm not redoing the front at this point, though.

Majora's Mask: Went over to the Zora area. Wendy's right, it's pretty easy to get there. I can't think how I missed it before. I also seem to have previously missed everything else of significance, like the Zora who gives you the mask (unless he's only there if you go to the Zora area first) and the lab and the pirate area. Stopped while going through there because it was getting late and I'd just gotten caught; I'm not sure if you're really supposed to do that part at night anyway when you can't see anything. I don't think I'll get into the temple in this set of three days since it's already night of the second but at least I have several event items that will stay put. But the best part is, I didn't get very sick! Either it's wearing off at last or I'm just having a much easier time as a Zora...which would be pretty odd.
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
6:47 pm
[knitting] Grumble.
I finally cast on for the back of the top last night and knit a few rows. I made a minor arithmetic error, but not enough to account for the width I got, which varied from 18" to 22" depending on how stretched the stitches were on the needles. Measuring even a very wide rib when there's only been an inch or so knit really is a pain.

So this morning, while waiting my turn at the DMV (as noted in the previous entry), I ripped out the whole thing and cast on a lot fewer. Basically, I measured 15" of what I had (my intended width was 15"-16") and cast on enough for that. And after about the same number of rows my piece is barely 13" wide.

So, now I have two options: continue or not. If I continue, I'll almost certainly have to add an inch or so to either side when I sew the pieces together -- a design feature I'd considered (having those added columns of stitches continue up the front and become the straps) and decided against because I don't really want to be sewing four side seams instead of two.

If I rip out again, I can either split the difference between the two attempts and just hope it works out this time, or say the heck with the ribs (even if it's only k4p1) and just go for stockinette, with a more predictable gauge but more boring execution and less forgiving if the size doesn't quite work out.

10:50 am
We're not in Kansas any more...
A couple weeks ago I made the discovery that my grandparents, which have lived in the Bay Area all my life and most of theirs, were actually located in Arizona. I realized this based on the fact that of the six or eight clocks in their house nearly all of them were not observing Daylight Savings time. This did, of course, occur on a weekday, rendering me rather late to work. It wasn't so surprising that the alarm clock in my mom's old room (in which I usually stay) hadn't been reset since none of the regular occupants of the house use it, but the kitchen and dining room clocks had also not been updated, nor the car.

The house and car have now been returned to California, and I thought the gadding about the country was done (at least until fall). Last night I again stayed over, and set the alarm in my mom's room to go off at 8am, in the dim hope that I'd get to the DMV to renew my license before going to work at 10. This involved a bit of work, since it had last been set for 9 and I had to step through the hours.

This morning I woke to it and smacked the snooze alarm a few times before turning it off at 8:45 and getting up at about 9:10. I made an unusually elaborate breakfast for myself (scrambled eggs with cheese and some microwave bacon, with a tall mug of coffee) and got myself out just at 10...a bit late to work, but not too bad since at least it's only a 15-minute drive from there. I'd given up on the DMV when I was utterly unable to get up at 8.

And I started my car and looked at the clock: 8:01. Cellphone corroborated it.

Apparently Mom's room moved to Kansas overnight.

I'm sure I would've noticed the alarm clock telling it me it was after 3am when I was setting the alarm (since it was about 1 by the dining room clock when I went to bed). But it said 1:xx. Somehow it jumped two hours while I was sleeping. I suppose I could've accidentally tapped the hour button without holding the alarm button while resetting the alarm (which would adjust the clock time), but I still think I would've seen the result after I finished setting it.

Since I was out at 8 after all, I went to the DMV. 10 minutes of getting lost (I was about 40 feet away from it, but due to construction I couldn't see it) and 30 minutes of waiting followed by 5 minutes of processing and I'm all done, undoubtedly dopey new photo and all. (But old weight, carried over from when I first got my license 12 years ago. Would that it were that easy.)

Now, knowing that I only got 5 hours of sleep -- and not all that soundly, at that -- I wonder how I'll manage the rest of the day. Good thing I have the giant-sized coffee mug with me, I guess.
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
3:27 pm

Majora's Mask is the only Zelda game (of the mainstream ones, I mean, not the CD-i or Bandai Sattellaview or whatever) that I've neither completed nor watched to completion (the latter applying to Zelda II, which I like but don't really have the skills for, not being much of a platformer). And for a while my reason has been that it makes me too motion sick. When I've said that I've sometimes felt that I haven't been being entirely candid, that there were probably other reasons that were stronger, like the time pressure or the less-interesting music or the fact that it's bloody difficult to pick up the game halfway through after a break of two and a half years.

Well, that's what I did last night and after that play session and the one I had just now I have to say that I was right all along: it is the motion sickness. Gah, I feel lousy. Headache and nausea and shakiness from adrenaline (since I just redid a too-long boss fight). Though the time thing and the memory were contributing factors; one reason I get so tense during this merciless long boss fight -- the Snowhead one, Goht -- is that it took me a full "day" (though not night) to remember that to get back into the temple I need to play the appropriate song as a Goron. I'd had in mind trying to get my sword sharpened for this three-day period, but so much time passed in trying to do all this that it leaves me with just one "day" to do everything necessary to get my sword sharpened and then one more day for the Smith to do it...and I'm not sure if that will be enough. But I really don't want to keep doing this stupid boss battle. Argh.

I'm not sure why I've never adapted to the motion. After the first day or so of playing Ocarina (and ending each session with taking antacids and ibuprofen), I adapted and never had trouble with it again. Wind Waker was even easier, and even the little I've played of Metroid Prime didn't bother me much. Katamari is getting slightly more tolerable (just as well, since apparently there's a two-player mode in the sequel). But I can't convince my stomach that MM is just fine. I think it's because the camera moves around a lot more, due to the different forms Link can take and the convoluted paths for them. I can handle roller coasters just fine but those Goron paths are something else.

So now I need to decide if I want to try for the races anyway or just explore a bit with this set of 3 days and try to solve a few more interactions. Probably the latter; I already had the frustrating experience once of the smith simply not taking the material to sharpen the sword until it was too late, which is why I'm so bitter about having to do it over. For that matter, that may be why I stopped playing before to begin with. No...I think that was terror of the ghosts at the Romani Ranch, which I ended up doing just fine yesterday (barely).

I also can't remember if I got the prize from the Great Fairy at Snowhead. I wish there were some easy way to tell which ones you've recombobulated at some point besides looking in a guide to find out what you're supposed to get, since I don't want to know if I haven't gotten it yet. Oh well.

In other news, I got some CDs recently. Songs of Zemeth, a vocal collection from Ys VI, in a promo set which included an instrumental version (which I think might be intended as accompaniment rather than standalone, haven't heard it all yet) and a demo movie CD. Mario and Zelda Big Band Concert. And Zelda Sound History. The Big Band one is kind of interesting even if the first three or four tracks are all slightly different takes on the main SMB theme; there are also some interesting Zelda ones including a rendition of the entire Hyrule Field theme on a small ensemble. The Sound History has music from all the console Zeldas -- using the Famicom Disc System versions of Zelda 1 and 2 rather than the cartridge ones, which means some differences most notable in the title music and the whistle. There are only a few tracks from LttP, Ocarina, MM, and WW, but that's okay since I have

[at this point I remembered I was watching a MM auction and quickly went to eBay. 11 seconds left, and I didn't get my bid in because eBay asks for my password to be retyped even when I'm logged in. ARGH. It went for only $6.71, too. It's the only authentic full soundtrack auction for MM I've ever seen.]

...since I have soundtracks of those already except a full one for MM [*@%#!] and don't need more repeats, but after that was 12 tracks from 4 Swords + which I really wanted. Unfortunately, I don't think they were the most interesting tracks, but oh well. Then an eight-minute medley of songs, which is to say the Famicom songs with a drumbeat. Not as interesting as I'd hoped, apparently, since I was sufficiently distracted by my book to not notice much about it. But I'm glad I got it -- I didn't have any soundtrack at all for Zelda II except for the one or two tracks in the SSBM concert CD. And I wanted that FDS one of Zelda 1, too; I'm pretty sure the one I already had, the Zelda Sound & Drama, uses the cart sounds.

Hm. Probably about another 30-60 minutes before my stomach is settled enough to try MM again. Maybe I'll work on unraveling Wendy's top again. I finished the front only to look at it and realize that a different design element I put in on impulse but like has distorted the bottom edge so that there's sort of a ^ shape. I don't think she wants this, even though it's shallow. So I'll have to take out the corners and redo them. They'll look better that way, though, so it'll be worth it. I just hope the yarn doesn't fray in all this redoing.
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